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Our Most Recent Fishing Report
June 16th-2024

Happy Fathers Day! I hope every father out there is having a great day today. Fishing hopefully, but I know you’re not fishing with me because I’ve had the day off. I know that’s crazy but it’s true. I’ve been taking care of business though…in fact some of you probably received an email about some of our dates next year. Anyway, here we go with a mid June report.

The weather seems to have settled into a normal summer like pattern. I know summer doesn’t officially begin for a few more days, but the summer like weather is here. The past week has been hot, humid and just downright sunny! We’ve been battling the heat by starting early and taking advantage of cooler morning temperatures. This has helped as we’re usually finishing up before the hottest parts of the day….and the fish don’t seem to like the hot parts of the day so it seems.

The cicada action on the Caney Fork wrapped up much like I expected it would. The fishing with them has tailed off, although I imagine you could still work for a rise every now and then if you wanted to. Fishing is still active with a variety of nymphs, fished on 6x or smaller tippet, 2 to 3 foot deep. Perhaps terrestrials will come on strong over the next few weeks.

The Clinch is holding up fairly well coming into summer. TVA has given us some water on the weekends with the recreation flow schedule that they implement from Memorial Day through August or so. They’ve pretty much left the week days as low as they can, only giving minimal pulses until late afternoon. The fishing has been fairly predictable for the low water days. Fair to good fishing in the early morning hours, decent into the noon hours, then challenging when the suns high and the waters super low.

Currently, we’re fishing the longest and lightest leaders and tippets that we can, and tiny midges (#20 to #26). I’m still seeing a few sulphurs here and there, so dry droppers have been employed in order to have a more natural looking indicator. Higher water has been a bit more of a crapshoot. Be ready to fish deep and work through your high water patterns.

Water flows on the Holston have improved, with higher water pushes coming down the river every day. This really helps flush out the back eddies and places where the water can warm and become stagnant. So far the water temperatures feel great! Cold and very accommodating for the hungry trout. This could get us through July with no water temperature issues and that would be great for the Holston.

Fishing has been good on the Holston. We’re not boating tons of fish, but we’re catching enough and enough good ones to keep it interesting. It’s a bit harder now because the fish are leery and heavy tippets won’t get the job done any longer. Gotta drop down to 6x for the dries or the nymphs. Tungsten pheasant tails and hares ears have worked great for nymphs. Dries can range from a random caddis to a cricket, you never know what those fish will come up to eat. The best fishing is on the upper river for sure.

I’m not quite sure TWRA ever stocked at Nances Ferry this year. Please feel free to contact TWRA’s coldwater fisheries and let them know how disappointed you are in them this year, by phone at 615-781-6575 !

The Cumberland is still over summer pool and they're running higher water flows than we like. This may continue for a few more weeks, maybe less since the heavy rain cycles have calmed down. I’m really hoping things get in line because summer terrestrials on the Cumberland can be so much fun!

I still have a random day or so open in June, the 24th and 30th to be exact. July's got a little more available. Give me a shout if you’d like to get in on the summer terrestrials during July. Shoot me a text or email…… For some reason, my voicemail isn’t working so the txt and emails are working better right now.