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Our Most Recent Fishing Report

It's spring time in east Tennessee! Well, not officially, but in a few days we'll hit spring on the calendar and make it official. It's been feeling like spring anyway, and nature is taking notice. Many trees are in bloom and a lot of the bugs are starting to pop. This makes the fish happy and that makes us happy.

Our area rivers are in fairly good shape for the start of spring. We're picking up a weekly rain system but our reservoirs are holding steady. In fact, I imagine we'll start seeing low water conditions in the next week or so. We're currently seeing steady 1 turbine flows on the Clinch. We like these flows but I'm eagerly waiting for low water.

The fishing has been fairly consistent. We've been running a mix of nymphs, streamers and dry flies. Nymphing with small $14 -#20 attractor nymphs have worked well, especially when tipped off with smaller midge pupas.

Cloudy days have fished best with small to medium sized streamers. We're working intermediate sinking lines and mixing up presentation speed and depth until we hit on what the fish like. It's been hard to get a chase or even a look with bright sunshine, so save the streamer fishing for clouds and sprinkles.

Our afternoons have seen some of the best sulphurs and dry fly fishing I've seen on the Clinch for some time. I know it's not sulphur season, but apparently the mayflies have no clue what the calendar says. So, make sure you take your dry fly box out on the stream with you.

My buddy Joel has been hunting a brown trout for a few years now and I'm happy to say he found his first brown trout a few days ago. Joel and his son Jo Jo shared a beautiful March day with me and I'm happy to call their trip my kickoff for the spring season!